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Keep your medication at exactly the right temperature.

Millions of people around the world are prisoners of their medication. With LifeinaBox travel anywhere with your medication at the right temperature. 

At home: Connect to the mains and in 15 minutes it will be at a temperature between 2-8 ° C.
In the hotel or office: Connect to the mains and in 15 minutes it will be at a temperature between 2-8 ° C. 
In the car: LifeinaBox is delivered with a cigarette lighter cable. Be careful not to block the air vents. Use LifeinaTravel to hang your LifeinaBox on the back of a seat. 
On airplanes: It is generally easier to use a LifeinaBag for air travel. But if you want to use it on a plane, use the LifeinaTravel carrying case.


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LifeinaBox is the world’s smallest refrigerator, designed for the safe transport of fragile medications such as insulin or growth hormones. About 5% of the worldwide population are “prisoners” of their medication, because their medication must be maintained at a temperature between 2 and 8°C at all times. To these people, LifeinaBox gives the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, with the peace of mind of knowing that their life-saving medication is kept at exactly the right temperature.

Connected to a Smartphone application, available in iOS and Android, LifeinaBox is an essential tool for the better management of medication schedules, as well as the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The Lifeina app not only follows the temperature of the medications in real time.

Designed for the safe storage of fragile medication at an optimum temperature (2 - 8°C). Keeps your medication cool and at a constant temperature at work, at home or in your car.

Refrigerates up to 8 standard injectable medicine pens or vials*. Includes both a universal 110-240V power cord and a 12V DC power adapter for your car.

The Lifeina app will monitor the temperature of your medication and your battery life in real time.

A 6-hour "emergency" battery is included inside LifeinaBox, and separate plug-in battery packs are available. An alarm is included in the LifeinaBox, so that when power reaches 20%, the alarm will warn you that it is time to recharge your battery.The emergency battery can be used, for example, if you stop the car and want to have lunch. If you really want to travel without electricity, then use the LifeinaPower super-powerful power banks. 

Insulin, growth hormones, adrenalin, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, interferons*

*For a comprehensive list of compatible pens and medications, log-on to and visit our downloads section

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Une superbe invention

Merci, je me cassais la tête de comment faire pour quand je suis en voyage, et c'est vraiment une solution parfaite pour dans l'hôtel. Mais pour l'avion je préfère une trousse.


Thank you


I purchased Lifeinabox and Lifeinabag from Amazon (you don't currently sell to the UK from your website - but I did try there first).

I am so impressed with both products. They appear very well made. Extremely simple and easy to use. I was delighted that Lifeinabox came with so many adapters, really impressed and so thoughtful of your customer's needs.

As someone who suffers from multiple chronic diseases and requires cooled medications regularly, I can attest that you have developed a perfect product line and there is really nothing else out there on the market that comes close.

As a professional Aerospace Engineer of many years, I am also mightily impressed by the design and build of the product. Really, very well done and thank you so much for bringing this product to market.

Happy Christmas! If you want to publish any of my remarks on your website or products, feel free - you have my full permission.

Kind regards,

Dave Cummins


Tout simplement génial !

Quel casse-tête ce fut pour conserver mes gouttes de L-Thyroxine jusqu’à ce que je trouve ce petit bijou ! Je me suis précipitée pour l’acheter dès que j’ai vu l’annonce dans la presse. Non seulement il est parfait sur un plan technique mais en plus il est super élégant et silencieux ! Bref, je l’adore !!



Super produit pour conserver les hormones de croissances de ma fille qui a 4 ans! Nous partons en vacances sereinement en voiture (10h de trajet branché sur l'allume cigare sans problème)! Génial!! Ca a changé nos vacances :) :)

Ce serait encore plus top si on pouvait y ajouter une petite poignée :)



Compre esta nevera para mi hijo que lleva el tratamiento de hormona del

crecimiento y ha ido perfecto. Cuando hemos tenido viajes transatlánticos de 12 horas. Hemos puesto la medicación en la nevera del avión y apagábamos la nevera para guardar la batería y usarla en el tiempo del check-in y transporte hotel-aeropuerto. Lo recomiendo mucho.
Buy this fridge for my son who has the growth hormone treatment and it has been perfect. When we've had 12-hour transatlantic trips. We have put the medication in the plane's fridge and turned off the fridge to store the battery and use it at the time of check-in and hotel-airport transportation. I highly recommend it.

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Solide et de bonne facture… !

Un parfait compagnon dans la vie de tous les jours pour tous ceux qui souffrent d’une maladie chronique.

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Love this

I am a Inflammatory Bowel Disease nurse specialist and also have Crohns. I just love this product!! It's the omly product i now recommend to my patients sand i also personally use it for my Adalimumab when traveling.

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love love love

very useful, the light of the logo is a bit bright but that is the only negative, other then that the fridge is so much more stable then the one at home that sometimes freezes my food

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brilliant idea

true that it is costly, but so important, I can actually take it almost everywhere with me, I use my lifeina box at the office

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refrigerateur lifeina

bonjour à tous
j'ai acheté un petit refrigerateur lifeina que j'ai testé pendant la canicule et je suis extremement contente de voir ce petit bijou marché aussi bien.l'appareil a tourné 24/24 sur secteur et c'est incroyable de voir que les stylos d'insulines restent frais.c'est genial et je le recommande vivement à toutes les personnes qui seraient encore douteuse sur ce produit.super invention et fiable.

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belle innovation qui aurait du exister avant

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It's too cheap for what it gives

I am 64 years old and I like to live an active life, walk around, go to the beach during the weekends and swim with my grandson. A couple of years ago my doctor told me that I had to take a new medication for my arthritis. It worked great, and I felt even more alive. Problem was that the medication had to stay cool. Luckily I stumbled onto LifeinaBox and they sent me an early prototype to test. Works great… Can’t wait for the new version to come out.

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Extrêmement utile

Extrêmement utile, je l'utilise dans la voiture, au bureau, à la plage pendant les vacances, bref la performance de ce mini frigo est hallucinante. Merci pour ce développement.

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parfait pour moi

J'ai acheté le frigo pour un voyage avec mon mari, je branchais le frigo dans la chambre d'hotel (la chambre n'avait pas de mini frigo ...) et je le prenais pour aller a la plage...
Super pratique, je recommande

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Je viens de recevoir mon lifeinabox, je suis ravie de pouvoir enfin faire les road trips en voiture dont j'ai toujours rêvée... merci Lifeina.

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grate product and service

I came to meet Uwe to buy product and the office was very friendly and advised me very considerately... I finally bought the fridge and a pouch, (costly but SO worth it) I am so happy with my purchase...
Had a few technical issues with my fridge at first but it is all understood now (turns out I wasn't charging it properly lol) and now I have a way of carrying my meds on me at work... which is a huge relief. Thank you Uwe and Lily for your great advice on the phone, and for being so friendly when I came to the office!

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When can I buy it?

Is it already for sale?

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My life changed when I found out my little girl had diabetes. Suddenly there were so many more things to worry about. Luckily I got in contact with my local diabetes association and they recommended your products, which really helped me to plan my life. Now it has become easier for Lucy to go to school with all her diabetes supplies in one spot. Thank you Lifeina…

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Excellent! Does the job!

Really nice product!

Obvioulsy can't put in a bag because of blocking the vents. Will see how I go flying with it.

Fits up to 5 of the Novartis/Sandoz Sensoready branded (Cosentyx, Hyrimoz & Erelzi) pens snuggly inside.

Not sure if you can turn the light on the front off and makes a small amount of noised.

Waiting keenly for the app to be released!

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Une vraie réponse à des besoins...

Je viens d'acheter deux Lifeinabox, c'est une merveille de conception ce petit frigo car il remplit le besoin que j'ai de transporter et stocker mes produits médicaux très fragile au frais de manière fiable y compris à l'étranger.
Je me suis entretenu à plusieurs reprises avec le concepteur et patron de Lifeina véritablement disponible, accessible et très à l'écoute, des qualités qui font de la conception de ce petit frigo médical une vraie solution à d'authentiques besoins.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai une réelle autonomie de fonctionnement avec mes produits de santés toujours à porte de main ou que je sois.
C'est un grand pas pour le bien..., un grand MERCI.
Franck Degardin.

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Beau et frais

Bonjour, j'ai eu la chance de manipuler le produit pendant le salon VivaTech 2019, le produit est absolument génial pour garder aux frais ses médicaments, mais que dire du design: sublime !

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