Uwe is a specialist in various forms of medical diagnostics: blood pressure, temperature, asthma, and diabetes. He's the holder of several patents relating to temperature and blood pressure measurement.



Lily has been working in healthcare logistics and finance through a career spanning 20+ years. She has worked as CFO for some of the world’s largest medical diagnostics companies. She also makes a mean lasagna.



Professor of additive manufacturing at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Olaf is internationally recognized as an authority in additive manufacturing and has participated in the development of dozens of healthcare products worldwide.


Social Media Queen Marketing

Chloe is a Masters graduate in Fine Arts in Paris after completing a Fine Arts degree in the UK. She is an avid reader and connoisseur of art history and is preparing a successful career as an arts appraiser. She rocks!!! She is also in charge of relations with all the artists that are helping us with the Lifeina Art Project