Download the LifeinaBox instructions and FAQs

LifeinaBox Instructions and FAQ

Our Travel Kits

Diabetes, MS, arthritis, Crohns, we have kits for nearly all pathologies.


Our travel bags for airplane trips, elegant and discrete.

Ordering Lifeina in the UK

UK customers can order Lifeina products at exactly the same price from However they will be responsible for any custom and import duties that apply to orders, as the products are sent from France.

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Our products for keeping your medication cool.

Travel anywhere, anytime.

Between 2 to 8°C, up to 24 hours.

Our travel kits.

Diabetes, MS, Arthritis, Thyroid, Crohn’s

we have special kits for nearly all pathologies.


The Checkio Infrared Thermometer

The smallest infrared thermometer in the world



The Lifeina BMI Scale

Simple, practical, elegant


New Android application available

The new Android Application is available here. We still think that the most complete application is the Web application, which you can use on any computer or mobile phone. Just open from Google Chrome. You can then control LifeinaBox directly from the site. For the Apple iOS app, just visit the App store, and simply look for the Lifeina app. It is available everywhere.