L-Thyroxine Travel Kit for Transporting your Thyroid Medication

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Travel Kit for L-Thyroxine

L-Thyroxine is sensitive to heat and light. We've put together a kit of two simple products for you to take planes, trains and automobiles and keep your L-Thyroxine at exactly the right temperature under all circumstances.

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L-Thyroxine recreates the role of thyroxine, the hormone secreted naturally by the thyroid, in case of removal of this gland or deficiency of thyroid function (hypothyroidism). L-Thyroxine is very fragile and does not tolerate a heat of more than 8 ° C as well as light. It is sold in small brown glass bottles that must be stored in the fridge at 2 to 8 ° C at all times.

The Lifeina L-Thyroxine Travel Kit includes:

  1. LifeinaBox, the smallest refrigerator in the world, so you can keep your L-Thyroxine cool in the hotel or at home. You can put 2, even 3 bottles (by taking them out of the box) in LifeinaBox.
  2. LifeinaBag12, an insulated bag that keeps your medicine between 2 and 8 ° C for 12 hours when you fly. You can put 3 bottles of L-Thyroxine in the LifeinaBag12.
  3. A copy of Uwe Diegel's Living with Thyroid Disorders

Travel with the peace of mind of knowing that your L-Thyroxine will always be available at the right temperature.

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This is great

I remember when I was a teenager, life was so complicated for me. I use a medication called L-Thyroxine, because I have thyroid problems. I tried using the tablet form but it didn’t agree with me so I have to take the liquid format, which is sensitive to heat. It’s not expensive, but I have to take it with me everywhere because it is not always available in other pharmacies. That makes my life complicated because I have to use cold packs to travel. When I found out about LifeinaBox, I was the first one to say “I want it”, because it will change my daily life.

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