Lifeina - Complete Travel Kit

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The Lifeina Complete Travel Kit includes:

• LifeinaBox, the world's smallest smart refrigerator
• LifeinaTravel, an elegant travel kit to more easily transport LifeinaBox and its accessories by plane
• LifeinaPower, Lifeina's rechargeable power bank, which will give you 18 hours more autonomy
• LifeinaBag24, an isothermal bag for the airplane, that will give you 24 hours of protection between 2 and 8°C

Millions of people worldwide are prisoners of their medication. With LifeinaBox, the world's smallest intelligent fridge, travel anywhere, any time, with your  medication at the right temperature.

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LifeinaBox is the world’s smallest refrigerator, designed for the safe transport of fragile medications such as insulin or growth hormones. About 5% of the worldwide population are “prisoners” of their medication, because their medication must be maintained at a temperature between 2 and 8°C at all times. To these people, LifeinaBox gives the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, with the peace of mind of knowing that their life-saving medication is kept at exactly the right temperature.

Connected to a Smartphone application, available in iOS and Android, LifeinaBox is an essential tool for the better management of medication schedules, as well as the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The Lifeina app not only follows the temperature of the medications in real time.

Designed for the safe storage of fragile medication at an optimum temperature (2 - 8°C). Keeps your medication cool and at a constant temperature at work, at home or in your car.

Refrigerates up to 8 standard injectable medicine pens or vials*. Includes both a universal 110-240V power cord and a 12V DC power adapter for your car.

The Lifeina app will monitor the temperature of your medication and your battery life in real time.

A 6-hour "emergency" battery is included inside LifeinaBox, and separate plug-in battery packs are available. The emergency battery can be used, for example, if you stop the car and want to have lunch. If you really want to travel without electricity, then use the LifeinaPower super-powerful power banks.

Insulin, growth hormones, adrenalin, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, interferons*

*For a comprehensive list of compatible pens and medications, log-on to and visit our downloads section

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