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Growth Hormones Travel Kit

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Travel Kit for Growth Hormones

Growth hormones are very fragile and absolutely need to be kept between 2 and 8°C.


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The Lifeina L-Thyroxine Travel Kit includes:

  1. LifeinaBox, the smallest refrigerator in the world, so you can keep your growth hormones cool in the hotel or at home. You can put pens and refill cartridges of growth hormones in LifeinaBox.
  2. LifeinaBag24, an insulated bag that keeps your growth hormones between 2 and 8 ° C for 24 hours when you fly. You can put pens and refill cartridges of growth hormones in LifeinaBag24.
  3. A copy of the Guide for Traveling with Growth Hormones by Uwe Diegel

Travel with the peace of mind of knowing that your growth hormones will always be available at the right temperature.

Kit Hormones
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It's the best

My baby Bruno is taking growth hormones. They are really expensive, but luckily our medical insurance covers the injections. When LifeinaBox becomes available, I’m going to use it in the car for when we go away for weekends to keep Bruno’s medication cool. I’m planning on taking him to discover the Grand Canyon. Thank you Lifeina.

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