Diabetes Travel Kit

Diabetes Travel Kit

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A complete kit for traveling with diabetes

Diabetes should not prevent you from having fun, from making a trip to an exotic country or a simple mountain hike. If you have diabetes and want to travel, you just need to carefully plan your trip. There are of course always unexpected events (lost luggage, the sinking your boat next to a lost island), but if you are well prepared, you can usually overcome these difficulties quite easily.


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There are many misconceptions about diabetes and insulin, and quite often the things that seem quite obvious to your doctor are a complete mystery to you. So we have carefully selected devices that will allow you to enjoy your travels anywhere, any time.

The Lifeina complete diabetes travel kit includes :

  1. LifeinaBox, the world's smallest fridge, for you to put your insulin when in the hotel
  2. LifeinaBag24, an isothermal bag that keeps your medication between 2 and 8°C for 24 hours, for when you take the plane
  3. MedActiv's EasyBag Single, an isothermal bag that keeps your daily insulin between 16 and 25°C. Working with just fresh water, the EasyBag Single is for when you take daily excursions and need to take your medication with you
  4. A copy of Uwe Diegel's Guide to Traveling with Diabetes, illustrated by South African photographer Graham De Lacy

Suitable for Novo, Lantus, or any other insulin

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Hi! I really appreciate this box... as well as the bags, and the guide is very thoughtful...



I loved this... and the guide is very thoughtful..

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