LifeinaBox, for the safe transport and storage of all fragile medications

Choosing the right solution for transporting your medication is absolutely crucial for better management of chronic illnesses. We are all a bit defined by our lifestyle and anything that can make our life easier very quickly becomes essential.

LifeinaBox is the smallest refrigerator in the world, designed for the safe transport of all fragile medications. Medication for arthritis, diabetes, growth hormones, in-vitro fertilization, Crohn's disease, anti-TNF, multiple sclerosis, cancer, osteoporosis and many more should be stored at a temperature between 2 and 8° C.

About 5% of the world's population are "prisoners" of their medication, which must be kept between 2 and 8° C at all times. To these people, LifeinaBox gives the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, with their vital medicines at exactly the right temperature.

The exact dimensions of the LifeinaBox cavity are 180 mm wide x 65 mm deep x 40 mm high. For example, you can put 8 insulin pens, or 6 Humira pens inside.

The main pathologies compatible with LifeinaBox are:

• Diabetes (insulins)

• Crohn's disease (Humira…)

• Polyarthritis (Humira, Cimzia, Simponi,…)

• Ankylosing spondylitis

• Multiple Sclerosis (Avonex, Copaxone…)

• Growth hormones (Saizen, Nortditropine, Nutropine, Genotonorm…)

• Osteoporosis (Forsteo)

• Adrenaline

• IVF (Menopur, Gonal-F, Puregon…)

Everything that fits in the cavity (18 x 6.5 x 4 cm) will be kept at a perfectly stable temperature between 2 and 8° C.