LifeinaBag Gel Pack

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LifeinaBag Spare Gel Packs


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Spare Gel Pack for the LifeinaBags

The Lifeina GelPack ensures that your medicine will be kept at the correct temperature between 2 and 8 ° C. In polymer, it will stay frozen twice as long as a traditional gel packs. Its PVC coating prevents it from "sweating" during defrosting and will ensure that your medication stays dry to the touch.

Sold in packs of 2 pieces.

Lifeina Gelpack
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Heureusement qu'ils les vendent séparemment

J'ai accidentellement percé le gelpack de mon LifeinaBag 12 en le sortant du frigo, du coup j'ai refait une commande.
Merci Lifeina pour l'envois rapide

Attention parce qu'il y a deux gelpacks ! Ce n'est pas bien indiqué mais c'est plûtot génial!

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