LifeinaPower 6-Hours Powerbank

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6-Hour Power Bank for LifeinaBox

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The LifeinaPower battery bank is a super-slim battery pack for use with the LifeinaBox miniature fridge. It adds 6 hours of battery life to the current 6-hours built in to the LifeinaBox, giving you a total of 12 hours of protection.`

LifeinaPower is classified as a non-dangerous UN3480, PI 965, Section IB good and can be transported by air or by sea.

• Compact and portable

• Connects to LifeinaBox to give you 6-hours more freedom

• 2 x standard USB and 1 x USB-C

• Use it to charge your phone

• Slim design

• Useable anywhere

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Really good powerbank

Allows me to use my LifeinaBox anywhere for more than 6 hours. I can also charge my phone and other devices.



this will be very useful... gonna get my hands on one for my lifeina box to take the plane ;)

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LifeinaBox Instructions for use and FAQ

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